Yannick Chung

Senior Accountant
Nagle Accounting Pty Ltd
Company Profile
Nagle Accounting is a tax and business advisory service with 15 employees.

We work across a broad range of industries from small to medium-sized enterprises.

Our specialization is in Film, Television, Music, Gaming, Sport, Hospitality, Design, Actors, Performers, Writers, Architecture and Not For Profit entities.

We have been doing this for over 25 years and have grown with our clients to a multi partner firm servicing over 3000 clients throughout Australia and overseas.
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Yannick is a chartered accountant and a partner at Nagle Accounting with over 10 years of experience in the tax industry.

He has been with the firm for 9 years specializing in the film and entertainment sector. Throughout his career at Nagle, he has successfully guided filmmakers, film production companies and entertainment professionals through a range of simple to complex tax compliance issues including:
-Cross border compliance tax issues.
-Structuring advice to optimize tax minimization.
-Fringe benefits tax on benefits to cast and crew.
-Claim of film tax offsets.
-Tax registrations for foreign cast and crew.

During his downtime, Yannick enjoys playing soccer and goes fishing with friends.
Yannick Chung