Ian Browning

Media Accountant
Above The Line Accounting Pty Ltd
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Are you a production company or producer with a project that’s just been greenlit or is getting finalised and need specialist production accounting services?

Or, maybe you’re running a film, tv or online media production business and need ongoing accounting and tax support to run it?

We’re fully-qualified accountants who are also producers ourselves. So we genuinely understand your creative journey and the unique challenges of managing film, tv and online media projects and running production companies.

That’s what sets us apart.

Providing production accounting and ongoing tax and accounting services to production companies and producers, like you, is all we do.

Let us look after the numbers so you can focus on getting your stories told.
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On any given day, Ian wears two uniquely different, but complementary, hats. A clear business mind with a focus on getting the best financial outcomes for his clients. And a passionate creative, with a talent for storytelling. Ian’s 25 years’ experience hails from the film, media and entertainment sectors. It’s a perfect balance of production accounting and taxation expertise, combined with specialist skills and understanding gained from multiple creative and producing roles. You’ll find Ian’s your go-to man when you need clear, reliable and accurate support to get your head around the most complex taxation issue or multifaceted business challenge. Experienced across the full spectrum of the accounting function, he specialises in Special Professional Income Averaging and preparing Producer Equity program (PEP) grant applications. You’re in proven and reliable hands. Alongside being a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent, Ian has a Bachelor of Character Animation and Screenwriting from Griffith University Film School, and post-graduate qualifications in Screen Business and Producing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. When he’s not negotiating with the Tax Office or wrangling a complex PEP grant application, you’ll find Ian in the beer garden telling stories or at home diving deep into popular culture.
Ian Browning