Libbie Doherty / ABC

Head of Children’s Content at the ABC, Libbie Doherty is an advocate for Children’s content and brings to the ABC a wealth of creative, financing and leadership experience. Libbie is focused on nurturing new Australian creativity and talent, reflecting Australian kids’ diverse lives and creating pathways for Australian content to cut through into the international market.

Libbie is leading the team at the ABC which has responsibility for ABC KIDS (2-6 years), ABC ME (6-14 years) and distribution through ABC Children's online, interactive and mobile offerings including the ABC’s streaming platform, iview.

The ABC has a prestigious reputation of providing award winning quality Children's content to generations of Australian children – made for them and from their perspective. The ABC provides a broad offering of content that is designed to inspire, entertain and excite children, which embodies a true Australian reflection of our contemporary culture. ABC Children’s is committed to equal representation for girls and boys and provide opportunities where possible for children to tell their own stories through our platforms.

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Mithila Gupta / Writer

Mithila Gupta / Writer