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Gabrielle Jones
City of Gold Coast
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Film & Television Adviser
Gabrielle is a producer, line producer and production supervisor who has delivered or supervised over 250 hours of scripted and unscripted content. She has worked on US feature films shooting in Queensland and in screen funding agencies, a national broadcaster and various production companies across all areas of film and television - development, financing, production and business affairs. Her previous roles include Production Supervisor for Lifestyle, Food and Entertainment programs at SBS Australia and the Production Business Supervisor at Beyond Productions for scripted and non-scripted productions including the Emmy Award winning Netflix series, Beat Bugs. She was the Supervising Producer based in Los Angeles for the 3D Netflix children’s animation series, Motown Magic and Supervising Producer for the Esports broadcast for Gfinity Australia. She is currently the Film and Television Adviser at the City of Gold Coast.
Roundtable topic
Are you planning to shoot on the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast has experienced crews, a variety of world class studios, amazing locations, and a film friendly council. Join the head of VRS studios Lynne Benzie and the Film and Television advisor to the City of Gold Coast, Gabrielle Jones for a the low down on shooting on the Gold Coast.
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Gabrielle Jones