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Nicholas Hayden
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Head of Entertainment
Nick Hayden is a media and communications executive and people leader with over 10 years’ experience in media and content production. Currently he is Head of Entertainment at ABC with heaps of super cool top-secret stuff in the works. He is the creator of At Home Alone Together, Australia Talks live show, Tonightly and Whovians.

Prior to that he created and was founding EP of the Walkley and Logie losing news and comedy series The Feed for SBS. He did however once win a Canne Gold Lion for his work on the comedy series The Great Crusade for Qantas. Nick was one of thousands picked by Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby to be a writer, producer and presenter on Hungry Beast, and he’s worked for just about every network in Australia (except one).

He also has no problem boasting about himself in a biography and loves referring to himself in the 3rd person.
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Nicholas Hayden