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Grant Hardie
Monster Pictures
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Grant Hardie, an RMIT film graduate, has worked within the Australian film industry for over twenty years in roles ranging from production through distribution. Grant’s passion for film harks back to late nights as a child, waiting for his parents to fall asleep before he would sneak out to the living room to catch a Hammer Horror film on television. This enthusiasm for genre cinema carried through Grant’s adult life and has proved a driving force behind co-founding Monster Pictures in 2010.
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For many years now the horror and genre worldwide box office has been consistently dominated by independently produced films from the USA. Whilst there are many examples, the most notable and consistently best performing of these have been produced by Jason Blum and his company BLUMHOUSE. Their model of low budget filmmaking has seen them achieve staggering success; is there the potential to replicate this model in Australia?
Ready, Steady, Pitch! topic
High-quality, low-budget ($2.5 - $3M) horror and genre projects designed for the international market. Filmmakers need to have a very clear idea of their audience and who they are making the film for. A clear understanding of the market will be crucial to the success of their pitch.
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Grant Hardie