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Hattie Burles
DCD Rights
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Acquisitions Manager
Hattie Burles is Acquisitions Manager at London-based distributor DCD Rights. She acquires both scripted and unscripted content for the international market, with a focus on premium drama, factual documentary and factual entertainment. She works with producers from all over the world on their programmes, from development to production and delivery.
Ready, Steady, Pitch! topic
DCD Rights are hunting the Australian market for stand-out series in the scripted and unscripted space. Following successes such as The Secrets She Keeps and Aussie Gold Hunters, we are looking for series that balance original creative vision with enigmatic characters and gripping storytelling. Our particular focus for this event is factual entertainment, observational documentaries and scripted drama that play into our key market trends for 2021.
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United Kingdom
Hattie Burles