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Full Name
Kurt Royan
The Post Lounge // Orange Entertainment Co.
Job Title
Managing Director
Kurt is the owner and Managing Director of The Post Lounge as well as CEO of new development and production company Orange Entertainment Co. He has over 18 years experience in the film and television industry, 8 of which he spent as General Manager at the Post Lounge before taking ownership in 2019. Starting his career as an editor at the company, Kurt now manages up to 30 staff working across all areas of post-production including editing and visual effects. Kurt has overseen The Post Lounge’s expansion across Brisbane and Melbourne and his experience into the post production process has allowed the company to continually adapt to the ever changing needs of the industry.
Roundtable topic
Whether it is coming on board as an investment partner through providing in-kind post support, working in partnership with production companies throughout the financing and production process, or developing concepts from the ground up - both The Post Lounge and new sister company Orange Entertainment Co have worked on collaborations of all shapes and styles. This round table with Dan and Kurt will discuss different ways that companies, producers, and creatives can come together to get projects off the ground - the future is collaborative, and every project is different.
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Kurt Royan