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Jessica Bineth
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Founder & Creative Director
Jess Bineth is a co-founder of award-winning podcast production studio Audiocraft, where she oversees production and new show development. Some of her most recent work includes writing and producing documentary series Ghosthunter (Audible) and managing production on sex and relationships podcast Search Engine Sex (Spotify). Previously while at the ABC she worked on podcasts including This is About, Ladies We Need To Talk, Earshot and PocketDocs. Jess is also a board member of the Jesse Cox Audio Fellowship.
Roundtable topic
In this roundtable, Audiocraft co-founder Jess Bineth will give a quick lay of the podcasting land in Australia before talking about the key things that go into the making of a gripping narrative podcast series. Before wrapping, she'll talk about the kind of work Audiocraft does and the projects we're interested in collaborating on. Please note, Audiocraft is not a commissioning body. We are keen collaborators who partner on development and production.
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Jessica Bineth