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Bea Tammer
Acorn Media Enterprises
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Director of Development
Bea Tammer is the Director of Development for AME, the co-financing and co-production division of AMC Networks’ streaming service Acorn TV. In this role, she is responsible for identifying and developing scripted projects to commission or co-produce for Acorn TV.
Ready, Steady, Pitch! topic
Acorn TV is the home of cozy crime. Our audience is well-established: 55-year-olds, evenly split in gender, who have been 55 for the past 15 years. Rather than the viewers aging up and raising the average audience age, a new batch of well-educated and well-read 55-year-olds discover us every year.

In terms of the content, the audience supports characters that, even in times of conflict, will always do the right thing. They look for characters who are independent, thoughtful, and tough, and who the audience can empathize with. Sex and violence are implied rather than shown. The shows contain light continuity but feature more of a procedural element in every episode.
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United Kingdom
Bea Tammer