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Why YA? Creating Content for the Audience Everyone is Looking For

From Heartbreak High to Freaks and Geeks to Class of ‘07, Why YA? will discuss the responsibility and joy involved in making film and TV content for the world’s biggest content consumers.  


Dive back into your younger years in a joyful discussion exploring the pivotal role young adult film and TV has on our screen culture. For such a powerful age group consuming the most content and shaping global trends, young adults and their stories are rarely validated by our broader media landscape that divides audiences into 'children' and 'adults'. 


Our panel speaks to why that audience in the middle is so necessary, speaking to the importance of and responsibility in creating content explicitly for young adults in their most formative years - and, of course, the utter joy that lies in creating content that speaks to an excited, interesting, compelling age group and respects their wide-spanning genre tastes.


With POVs from every part of the production process, from source material to investment, the Why YA? panel will reflect on the shows that shaped them, discuss how to make successful YA material and talk about why we need it!


Presented by After Bark at Flying Bark Productions.


Session produced by Coco Garner Davis & Hugh Baldwin - Flying Bark Productions

Moderated by Coco Garner Davis - Flying Bark Productions

Gemma Bird Matheson Rachel Davis Mohini Herse Biffy James Nina Oyama Bobby Romia Coco Garner Davis
Thursday, March 21, 2024
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM (AEST)
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Event Centre - Southport 3