Simon Crowe

CEO & Founder
SC Films International
Country (Address)
United Kingdom
Simon Crowe is a sales and distribution executive for independent films. Starting at Majestic Films (DANCES WITH WOLVES, HENRY V), he later joined Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey’s Icon Entertainment International (WHAT WOMEN WANT, PASSION OF THE CHRIST). He established SC FILMS INTERNATIONAL in 2008 in London with financier Matthew Joynes. SC Films specialises in animation/family features and action/thriller/horror films. Recent animation titles include; CHARMING, GNOME ALONE and MARMADUKE. He is currently Executive Producing DRAGONKEEPER too. On the live action front, titles include; THE SECRET OF MOONACRE, COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES, TOWERBLOCK, DUSTWALKER and most recently ON FIRE and LITTLE BONE LODGE. Simon is keen to support producers with his sales and marketing knowledge, script development and casting. See for more details.
Simon Crowe
What we're looking for from Ready, Steady, Pitch!


SC films is mainly interested in family/animation projects and/or action/thriller/horror films, so I’d like to focus on these genre in any discussion. Let’s look at comparison titles and discuss how best to move projects forward into production, and then eventually distribution.

It all starts with the pitch, the script and then package- who is the talent? What is the budget and finance plan?