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Anna Mannion is an Irish producer participating in the Ireland Connect coproduction forum as part of Screen Forever 38. Meet with them to discuss potential partnership opportunities as part of SPA Connect
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My journey into the tv/film industry began as a humble runner, diligently climbing the ladder in various roles, including ‘Script Development,’ ‘Production Management,’ and ‘Production Accountancy,’ for some of the biggest production companies in the UK and Ireland. I then co-produced a short film called ‘Skip to the End,’ for RTE which was the start of my producing career, leading to the birth of Tri Moon Films, in 2019.

Since then, I’ve been building an exciting slate of projects ranging from TV drama for Kids and Adults, Documentaries and Feature Films. In 2022, I won the Netflix Women Producer pitching competition at the Venice Film Festival, for our project “The Girl and the Ghost”. This win, was publicised internationally, including the Hollywood reporter - which opened many doors internationally. Later that year I produced sport documentary “Cascarino: Voices” for Virgin Media Television - starring ex-footballer Tony Cascarino.

In 2023, Screen Ireland provided business expansion funding for the company, creating our in-house team of three. One of my biggest passions is helping and nurturing others to recognise their own talents. I wake up feeling grateful to be doing this job and am so inspired by the fantastic work that women producers are creating globally. This year, a big highlight was completing the Showrunner programme (through John Yorke Story and MediaXchange), with the legendary Jeff Melvoin.
Anna Mannion