Toby Hendy

YouTube Creator
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Toby Hendy is a science communicator who runs the YouTube channel Tibees, where she shares ideas from maths, physics and the history of science. Tibees has grown to over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 200k on TikTok.

One of her most popular video series is ‘The Joy of Mathematics’ which presents maths in a calm and creative manner, breaking expectations of how maths is taught. Another popular series ‘Unboxing exams’ takes a look at tough exams around the world. These videos attract an international audience of students who wish to see how their own academic experiences compare to those of others.

In 2022 Toby co-created the award-winning short film ‘Finding X’ which received funding from Screen Australia and YouTube. This short tells the story of searching for meaning in a mathematical world.
Toby Hendy