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Studio Gilay
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Jake Duczynski is a proud Gomeroi and Mandandanji writer and director who is committed to First Nations representation on-screen and fortifying a space for Indigenous voices in the Australian animation industry. In 2021 Duczynski launched Studio Gilay in partnership with James Hackett alongside a diverse team of talented creatives, bringing thought-provoking stories to the screen.

Jake co-wrote and Directed the ground breaking series COOKED (2021). This animated series used comedy and satire to explore the lived Indigenous Australian experience and hit home some hard truths. Later in 2021, Duczynski Directed two animated dream sequences in the Netflix film BACK TO THE OUTBACK (2021), Directed by Harry Cripps and Clare Knight. Jake lead the consultation between Netflix and East Kimberley artists from Waringarri Arts Centre.

Duczynski co-directed an animated Documentary UNLOCKED (2022), for NITV and SBS VICELAND. Launching late in 2022, Jake and Studio Gilay collaborated with Maori artist Lisa Reihana, assisting her to deliver her cross-cultural futuristic work GROUNDLOOP for the new (AGNSW) Sydney Modern gallery. Consultation was a big part of this job, Jake contacted and liaised with many artist, dancers and knowledge keepers, helping this project take shape across both sides of the Tasman Sea.

In 2024, Duczynski had the honour of Directing ABC’s Ninganah Lullaby, performed by and in collaboration with Troy Cassar-Daley. Every night the lullaby is the last thing to go to air for the kids block of programming on terrestrial TV.

Close collaboration is a key component to Jake’s process, working meaningfully with fine artists, communities, composers and companies to give each project a unique design presence and honest perspective. Duczynski’s approach has won multiple accolades, from Walkely’s & Webby’s, to Best Direction at the ADG awards. His work has been projected across the sails of the Sydney Opera House, installed at the AGNSW & MCA, broadcast on the ABC, SBS/NITV and streamed on Netflix. Jake and Studio Gilay have multiple new and exciting projects in development. Stay tuned.
Jake Duczynski