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Tomas Street
Reflector Entertainment
IP Narrative Director
Tomas Street has spent the majority of his life on set. Son of a world renown photographer and stage actress he spent much of his childhood assisting in photo-shoots or backstage at the theatre. His early love of cinema led to Tomas’s first film job before graduating high school.

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry Tomas's passion for storytelling made him a uniquely talented script supervisor working on numerous high profile projects, when focusing on his creative side Tomas wrote and directed the award winning feature “Fugue” and created the digital series “Kid’s Town”.
Tomas brings the varied storytelling pillars of his past together in his latest role as IP Narrative Director for Reflector Entertainment. Not only creating new story threads by collaborating with a team of internal and external writers he keeps a massive Storyworld aligned and on tone over multiple platforms, weaving a narrative web that sets up in one product then pays off in another to form a truly enriching transmedia experience.
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Tomas Street