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Alexandre Amancio
Reflector Entertainment
CCO & Founder
Alexandre Amancio is CCO and co-founder of Reflector Entertainment, dedicated to developing original cross-platform intellectual properties for a global audience. Previously a creative director at Ubisoft, Amancio was one of the visionary talents behind the international success of Assassin’s Creed. His work on the franchise has earned him two distinct WGA nominations. As chief creative officer of Lune Rouge (holding of Cirque du Soleil Founder, Guy Laliberté), Reflector’s parent company, Alex brought his unique creative vision to the group. His insight helped launch a wide range of projects, such as those in the fields of experiential entertainment, creative entrepreneurship, and technological innovation. He now sits on its executive board. Amancio is also a founding board member of Zú, à Montreal-based incubator dedicated to financing and enabling the city’s emerging creative entrepreneurs.
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Alexandre Amancio