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Kate Hynes
Experienced Screen Executive
Kate is an experienced screen executive, having led the legal, business affairs & corporate regulatory function for screen production powerhouse Hoodlum Entertainment, as well as being the chief legal officer for video games global success story, Halfbrick Studios.

In her roles, Kate has overseen the financing, production, broadcast, and distribution of more than 60 hours of broadcast television in Australia for ABC and Network 10 and internationally for Netflix, Disney and NBCU/Sky Studios. She has also worked on the development and distribution of video game content for more then 1.2B users worldwide.

An expert in international business, Kate is deputy chair of Trade and Investment Queensland, the international trade focussed sister agency to Screen Queensland. She also runs a private consultancy practice.

Kate has 20 years experience as an IP, media and technology lawyer. Having recently secured a place at UCLA’s prestigious school of theatre, film and television, Kate is also an emerging screen writer.
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Kate Hynes