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Fiona Gilroy
Flame Distribution
Content Sales & Acquisitions Director
Beginning at Film Australia in 1989 as the Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, Fiona built the sales catalogue across all genres and developed strong relationships with the independent production sector. Fiona was also a staff elected director on the Film Australia Board from 1992 – 1996.
As Content Sales Manager at SBS from 1996, Fiona worked with producers to obtain production funding from the international market and grew the sales catalogue to represent Australian content commissioned outside SBS.
Fiona established her own consultancy business, Fi’sAbility, in 2009 and worked with producers to maximise commercial opportunities for their content until joining start up Flame Distribution in 2011, a specialist factual distributor, as its Content Sales & Acquisitions Director. Since that time Flame Distribution has established sales offices in Sydney, Philippines, Berlin and London and with representation in USA, China, Italy, Spain and Latin America. Parent company Flame Media also runs a sound-controlled studio kitchen facility in Sydney and a stock footage library.
Flame currently represents over 4,000 hours of factual and documentary content from award winning producers from around the world. Flame works in the TV, VOD, inflight, and educational markets and also works to secure presales and commissions through initiatives like the Flame Coproduction Alliance and Flame Distribution Productions.
Fiona was a board member of the Australian International Documentary Conference from 2014 to 2020, serving as Co-Chair for 5 years. She is now a member of the AIDC Advisory Committee.
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Fiona Gilroy