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Walter Bienz
The Solid State
Founder & Creative Director
Walter has been in film advertising for 20 years. After 7 years as an editor and then creative director in the country’s leading trailer house, he saw that the potential impact of marketing campaigns were being compromised when separate companies handled the trailer, poster and other campaign assets. So in 2007 he founded THE SOLID STATE.
Today TSS is the most experienced and awarded film marketing agency in Australia, racking up over 40 International awards. They handle marketing materials for every stage of production and work with all the major distributors.
Over the last 3 years TSS has focused on helping filmmakers pitch their projects through concept trailers - taking their marketing skills to the development stage of the filmmaking process to create powerful finance and recruitment tools. Their efforts have helped raise film projects over 20 million dollars.
This year they are excited to launch a new online platform - MOVIE TRAILER ACADEMY, where students will be exposed to the marketing insights and rigorous methods that film marketing agencies use to develop world-class trailers.
For Walter, what ties all this together is his belief that great stories provide a bridge to a deeper understanding of the world.
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Walter Bienz