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Clayton Jacobson
Dreamscreen Australia
Ceo & Founder
Clayton is an award winning producer / director whose experience spans across commercials, documentaries, online content, music videos and feature film. His debut comedy feature KENNY was a highly acclaimed box office hit winning the 2006 IF Awards for Best Feature Film and Best Script, and the Film Critics Circle
of Australia Award for Best Original Screenplay. It also holds a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating. His follow up Black Comedy feature in 2018 BROTHERS’ NEST also experienced world-wide festival award acclaim.
Clayton is held in high regard for his distinct directorial style and commitment to film-making. Those who have worked with Clayton know his deep love of film, style and technique filter into every detail of his inspired body of work...
So it is with little surprise that Clayton is forging a path with his company Dreamscreen Australia in the exciting new field of LED Virtual Production. Partnering with local heavy weights in the field of SFX and Gaming, Dreamscreen is on the pulse of global film-making change, placing Victoria at the forefront of this enormous technological shift.
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Clayton Jacobson