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Tyler Bern
Prime Video Australia, New Zealand
Head of Content
Country (Address)
United States
Tyler Bern is Head of Content for Prime Video Australia and New Zealand. He has been at Amazon for 5 years in this role for 3 years and oversees Amazon’s content strategy for Prime Video in ANZ. Prior to Amazon, Tyler was working in Dish Network’s Programming group across a number of verticals including sports and premium content. Tyler has a MBA from Northwestern University and is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Whilst at Amazon Prime Video, Tyler has been instrumental in commissioning fourteen Amazon Original programs in Australia, including The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, LOL: Last One Laughing AU with Rebel Wilson, AFL series Making Their Mark, Luxe Listings Sydney, Back to The Rafters, Deadloch, Class of 07, and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.
Tyler Bern