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Stuart Talman
Xe Money Transfer
Director of Sales
Country (Address)
New Zealand
Stuart Talman is an experienced financial markets professional specialising in foreign exchange. Stuart has assisted a broad mix of international screen projects over several years providing an industry tailored foreign exchange offering that protects the production budget from exchange rate volatility whilst providing competitive rates. If your finance plan has a foreign currency component, Stuart will advise how to achieve best practice and provide peace of mind that your budget is protected.
What we're talking about at the Industry Roundtable
How to best manage the foreign currency component of your international* production.

*and by international, we refer to any production that has a portion of its production budget denominated in foreign currency. So, it could be a locally shot production that has USD funding via pre-sales/MGs or an offshore financier cashflowing the offset in USD, or lead actors paid in USD, EUR, GBP....or it could be a production with offshore production expenditure via an offshore shoot.

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