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Moneypenny Production Accounting
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Moneypenny is a global team of accountants dedicated to the screen industry. We've been in business for over 40 years with offices in Australia, United Kingdom & South Africa. Our team has rich experience in dealing with complex productions & corporate environments.

Moneypenny offers a suite of end-to-end services including Payroll (International), Production Accounting (International) & Tax Credit Facilitation (Australia Only.) We work alongside you to support your team and help you establish procedures that get the best results for all stakeholders and departments within a production.

Moneypenny Software is a powerful program built for the screen industry. Access and manage online contracting, payroll, purchase orders, invoice and petty cash approvals, digital documentation storage, live cost management and reporting, all in one package. Designed for efficiency. Designed for your production to succeed.

Our team & software is here to streamline communications, pay your crew on time and keep your budget where it should be. In 2021, we serviced over 120 productions with a lifetime of industry experience. Our team solves problems from start to finish. You can approach us at the earliest stages of development through to the end stages of a project - we’ll adjust our services to fit you.

We’re here to help you navigate the complexities and detail of both state & federal incentives. Our goal is to maximise returns for Aussie producers as well as overseas producers looking at AUS for their next production. In 2021, we had a 100% success rate for 42 Final Offsets.
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The Moneypenny Training Program: Mentored Production Accountants + Assistant Accountant workplace training – Talk to us about your upcoming shows.