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Count Out Loud
Count Out Loud
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Committed to providing the creative and entertainment fields with boutique accounting services, Count Out Loud paves the way for personalised, specialist financial solutions. Every business is different, and the film, TV and music industries call for their own unique perspectives. For this reason, Count Out Loud was built to address the distinct needs and responsibilities of businesses in this space.

Count Out Loud proudly carries a decade of creative and entertainment industry experience as a Xero Gold Partner. We support businesses in structuring and scaling their operations efficiently. From guiding them through upcoming projects to acquiring assets, assessing potential investments or streamlining cash flow. Count Out Loud are the experts’ creatives turn to for strategic financial solutions.

With Count Out Loud, you’re partnering with high-quality taxation specialists that know how to navigate every facet of the entertainment business world. Whether you’re a sole trader, small production company or large-scale operation, we are here to help.

Carmel and the team at Count Out Loud partner with you to structure and simplify your business. With extensive experience across film, TV and more, Count Out Loud maximises your financial outcomes while minimising tax obligations. Additionally, when you’re looking to generate more efficiency and clarity in your structure, you’ll be guided through the process to create tangible, cost-effective outcomes.

Starting a new business, scaling your existing one or learning how the right strategies can set you up for growth from all angles – it all starts here with Count Out Loud.
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