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Steve Crombie
CEO & Founder
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Steve is the Founder/CEO of Totem, a social monetization and digital rights service with over 800M+ views a month across YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok. His team specialise in helping global rights holders and creators grow and monetize their social footprint by creating digital first video content for social platforms. With clients in EMEA, APAC and the US like Meta, YouTube, TikTok, BBCW, Sony, Studio 100, CJZ and ACTF. In a previous life he made TV shows for Discovery Channel. He recently traveled by motorbike and boat from Sydney to India and crys after every AGT golden buzzer video.
What we're talking about at the Industry Roundtable
Social monetisation: how much could you earn from your archives? Join monetisation experts Totem to learn how they use social to generate millions of dollars from archival content.