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Xe Money Transfer
Xe Money Transfer
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Xe Money Transfer (“Xe”) is regarded as the world’s Trusted Currency Authority assisting businesses and individuals across the globe to convert currency, send and receive international payments and mitigate currency risk. Over 200 million people visit xe.com each year to source exchange rate information. By working with Aussie and Kiwi producers for many years, Xe has developed a deep understanding of how productions are funded and delivered. It’s this knowledge that enables Xe to deliver a truly bespoke foreign currency (FX) service to producers. For producers wanting to protect the production budget from exchange rate fluctuations, Xe’s industry tailored risk management solutions makes hedging far more accessible. Trusted by a broad mix of producers, financiers, legal practitioners, production accountants and other industry practitioners, Xe’s services removes the uncertainty created by the unpredictable currency market whilst transacting at competitive exchange rates. Reach out to Stuart Talman at Xe to discuss the management of your production’s FX needs.
What we're talking about at the Industry Roundtable
How to best manage the foreign currency component of your international* production.

*and by international, we refer to any production that has a portion of its production budget denominated in foreign currency. So, it could be a locally shot production that has USD funding via pre-sales/MGs or an offshore financier cashflowing the offset in USD, or lead actors paid in USD, EUR, GBP....or it could be a production with offshore production expenditure via an offshore shoot.

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