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Jason Behan
Summer Star Creative / ODMedia
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Jason Behan is a senior media executive and specialist in content acquisition, business development, leadership and strategy. As a 20+ year media veteran, he has recently founded Summer Star Creative to provide development, management, and distribution services to the industry where his heart and passion lies. Working with individual producers and creatives, production and distribution companies and media funds to help achieve their goals. Jason has also recently joined ODMedia, an international aggregation and tech services provider for global platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Roku and many others to expand their services in ANZ. Prior to Summer Star Creative, Jason was Vice President, Acquisitions for Universal Pictures Australia. Leading the acquisition of content across all genres, for distribution on a broad range of platforms - bringing the best of Australian television to the home entertainment market. Before joining Universal, Jason managed local acquisitions for Beyond for their international and home entertainment divisions and spent years acquiring and releasing content to the Australian market.
What we're talking about at the Industry Roundtable
Distribution – Film & Television. What does this look like in 2022 and beyond that? What are the distribution pathways available for your project, locally and internationally and what is your strategy for distribution?