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Established in 2009 and now led by CEO Drew Grove and Head of Content Mike Jones, ECP is one of Australia’s most successful independent production companies.

Every Cloud have long been leaders in adult crime-drama and mystery TV series and this remains a key area for us along with an increasingly diverse slate that encompasses comedy/dramedy, half-hour formats, SVOD features, and children’s content. We are particularly interested in established IP from book, podcast and other sources. We favour stories with a tonal mix of light and dark, drama and humour, and our production focus is aimed at global reach and international audiences.

We are committed to fostering Australian talent, supporting co-operative alliances, and holistically harnessing opportunities both locally and internationally.
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Drew Grove is a dynamic CEO and Executive Producer known for steering company strategy at both domestic and international levels. Lending his expertise to a range of successful productions. Among these are the global hit 'Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears' and its spin-off drama, 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries.' Recently serving as Producer on the upcoming Stan Original film, Windcatcher. His diverse skills and keen understanding of audiences translate into major productions that resonate with viewers worldwide.
Drew Grove