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Empire Elite ( is actively seeking partnerships with companies that have a passion for factual, hard-hitting documentary subject areas. We prioritise narrative and storytelling that is both emotive and compelling, believing in the power of content that resonates deeply with audiences. A key focus area for Empire Elite Sports ( is expanding into sports content, particularly tailored for the online space. We recognise the growing influence of platforms like TikTok and Snapchat and are eager to explore collaborations that leverage these mediums. Our aim is to bring engaging, high-quality sports documentaries to these platforms, connecting with viewers through powerful storytelling and authentic experiences.
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Shauna Keogh, the visionary director behind Empire Elite Ltd, stands at the forefront of documentary filmmaking, having carved a distinguished path as an Emmy nominated producer and a recipient of the prestigious Justice Media Award. Under her leadership, Empire Elite has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realm of factual programming, celebrated for its ability to unearth new talent, foster unique narratives, and deliver compelling documentary series and factual content. The company's portfolio boasts a slew of award-winning productions that span a diverse array of genres, catering to major global broadcasters. Among its notable works are "The Guards - Inside The K," offering an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of law enforcement and crime, "Missing - Fiona Sinnott," a poignant exploration of a mysterious disappearance, and "Cora - The Greatest," a tribute to the legendary sportswoman Cora Staunton.

In a bold move to bridge the worlds of media and sports, Keogh expanded her enterprise with the launch of Empire Elite Sports. This new venture extends the Empire Elite brand into the sports arena. This expansion signifies a strategic move towards revolutionising sports media by offering a full spectrum of services, from talent representation to brand development and strategic career planning for athletes across all codes. With the inception of Empire Elite Sports, Keogh has seamlessly blended her passion for storytelling with her deep-rooted love for sports, particularly women's sports, leveraging her experience as a dedicated sportswoman and former player. Empire Elite Sports excels in creating impactful narratives, as demonstrated by their pivotal documentary on Cora Staunton's AFLW journey and their production role in the AACTA-nominated Disney+ series "Matildas: The World At Our Feet," which follows the Australian women's national soccer team's journey leading up to the World Cup.

Through Empire Elite and Empire Elite Sports, Shauna Keogh continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in documentary filmmaking and sports media, ensuring that every project not only captivates but also makes a lasting impact on its audience.
Shauna Keogh