Kaylene Butler

Black Business on Country
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Born in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, Kaylene is a proud Gungarrie, Iman, Juru Aboriginal Woman, (Umbie) quarter Chinese and South Sea Islander (Gaua Island, Lifou, Loyality Island group, north -east of New Caledonia & Larcon ( now Lagona) part of the Banks Islands group Northern Vanuatu, (Grandfather), Tanna Island, Vanuatu (Grandmother).

In 2018 Kaylene was awarded the Inaugural Media Ring Fellowship which was the opportunity to work at Screen Queensland and NITV (National Indigenous Television) over a period of 12months. Kaylene freelances and owns KIMA Consultant (2010- 2020)now Black Business on Country, an Indigenous Multimedia Consultancy agency, bringing culture to screens). Kaylene is passionate about telling untold stories and bringing them to life on screens. As Director, Writer and Producer, her first NITV commissioned documentary was in 2012, Toonooba Voices this ignited her passion to pursue a filmmaking career. Kaylene specialises in character driven stories about what is significant and important to them and focusing on Indigenous culture awareness. Her ability is to provide film proficiency to the art of storytelling.
Kaylene Butler