Samantha McGrady

Production Manager / Line Producer
J&S Film Services
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Samantha McGrady is a highly experienced professional who began her career in the film industry in Australia in 1997 starting out as an attachment to the Assistant Director department. Her early years in the Australian film industry coincided with a thriving period, as the country attracted major US productions such as "Star Wars," "The Matrix," and "Moulin Rouge," - this provided Samantha with invaluable exposure and numerous opportunities.

In 2003, Samantha's journey took her to the United Kingdom, where she continued to thrive as an Assistant Director. Throughout Europe and North Africa, she honed her craft, collaborating with notable entities such as Ealing Studios and Working Title, and for Dino De Laurentiis, Woody Allen and on “Game of Thrones”.

Returning to Australia, Samantha's expertise contributed to various independent productions, including notable films like "The Hunter," and "A Few Best Men." and eventually led her to work on highly acclaimed projects like "The Great Gatsby" and “Mad Max: Fury Road” – in Namibia and South Africa.

In 2015, Samantha became a member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America (DGA), marking a significant milestone in her career. This allowed her to expand her horizons and delve into the North American film industry, collaborating on projects like "Jason Bourne" with Paul Greengrass which involved shutting down the Las Vegas strip and recently working alongside visionary director David Fincher on "Mank“ in Los Angeles.

Equipped with extensive years of on-set experience, Samantha has now transitioned into the Production Office, combining her practical knowledge with budgeting skills to pursue Line Producing. She has since Production Managed on Hoodlum’s ‘Land of Bad’ and most recently Binge’s first original Feature film - ‘How To Make Gravy’.
Samantha McGrady