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The Value of Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace
Thursday, May 4, 2023
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM (AEST)
Location Name
Event Centre - Southport 3

Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities that come with creating mentally healthy and psychologically safe screen workplaces.

In this session, Ben Steel and Jonathon Dutton, plus special guests, will outline some of the key issues affecting the mental health and wellbeing of our industry. They will draw on key findings from industry reports, Screen Well’s work/life balance survey results, as well as new research by Venn and Screen Well that has examined the impacts of leadership and culture on wellbeing and creativity in the industry. How we can flip the script and turn these issues into opportunities without creating more pressure on producer’s time and production resources (namely, the budget and the schedule)?

Producers are already under a lot of pressure, so this is an opportunity to acknowledge, reflect, and put in place a plan to not only support cast and crews, but ourselves.

Moderators & Session Producers
Ben Steel - Screen Well
Jonathon Dutton - Venn

Helen Panckhurst Katrina Irawati Graham Courtney Gibson Ben Steel Jonathon Dutton