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Full Name
Thomas Robins
Sky Television New Zealand
Senior Commissioner, Scripted
Country (Address)
New Zealand
Thomas is an Emmy award-winning producer / director with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. He has written, directed and producer all forms of content from interactive web series, to televisions comedies, dramas and feature length films. Highlights include the Emmy award-winning Reservoir Hill, the feature length films Catching the Black Widow, Kiwi and Written In The Stars, the documentary series This Could Go Anywhere (with cricket legends Brendon McCullum and Phil Tufnell) and the fantasy/comedy series The New Legends of Monkey.

Thomas is now the Senior Commissioner for all things scripted at Sky Originals NZ. He commissions for Sky’s premium streaming platform Neon and all Sky channels. He is always looking for brilliant, bold and big-hearted stories – especially international co-productions. Especially Australian/NZ co-productions.
What we're looking for from Ready, Steady, Pitch!
At the risk of sounding cliché I am looking for any fabulous, unique and brave idea. Big-hearted stories that really move an audience emotionally. TV series are what we are looking for, returning is preferable but limit series’ can also work if the idea is premium and unique. One off films are difficult for us, not out of the question. Australian / New Zealand co-productions are a priority for Sky Originals, but it is essential that the story is authentically NZ and Australian. I am very much open to, and in fact am looking for, ways in which Australian and New Zealand creatives can come together at the early stage of an idea and collaborate to create a wonderfully authentic story. I am looking for stories that will stand above the parapet of the rest. I’m looking for a “hey have you seen THAT show!?” kind of show.
What we're talking about at the Marketplace Roundtable
Creating the elusive authentic co-production idea. How do we create authentic co-production ideas that feel genuine and believable rather than ideas pull together that suit a funding model? Both countries (or all countries if more than two!) want their story to be heard. They want it to resonate with their audience. How do we keep everyone happy primarily from a story perspective that also satisfies the requirements for the finance plan?