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Storytelling for Change: a dialogue…
Thursday, May 4, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM (AEST)
Location Name
Event Centre - Surfers Paradise

Stories have the potential to create dialogue with audiences in new and meaningful ways. What are the opportunities and responsibilities around this in the scripted space? The stories we choose to tell, as both writers and producers, can have profound emotional resonance with audiences.

How do we better support development when telling stories that explore the complex moral and societal issues of our times?  How do we create a process that’s equitable and inclusive?  When writers are keen to explore big issues – the planet, the refugee crisis etc, how difficult is it to convince commissioners and financiers to invest in these types of stories?  Are compromises inevitable to make sure complex challenging stories reach an audience?

Session Moderator & Producer
Kerrin McNeil - Co-Founder, Good Apples Pictures

Elise McCredie Malinda Wink Tony Ayres Belinda Chayko Kerrin McNeil